Friday, May 3, 2013

Big Red BBQ from Spartanburg SC

Here with my friend Josh Allison,owner/pit master of Big Reds Barbecue. Josh had me sample some pork butt just before the box went to the judges. We have plans later in the year to work together on an upcoming competition.

Carolina style bar-b-q " finest butts in Dixie "

Free pool Wednesdays. Bike night Thursdays.

Kickin' Pig, rock Hill SC

There just kidding

This place was also featured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Curb service Bar.B.Q, thats what were talkin about.

Check this place out. D D and Dives air-date: May 28, 2007 the fried chicken is drenched in there signature bbq sauce. Check out the video !!!
The brothers that own the place are just as friendly in person as in the tv clip. This place is the bomb.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Old Hickory House Restaurant with owner Kevin Carter

A Charlotte landmark and one of the city's oldest family - owned restaurant. Founded in 1957 by the Carter family, old Hickory House is now managed by David and Kevin Carter. I was lucky enough to get back to the pit area to talk to Kevin about bbq. Kevin tells me that bbq is cooked over this open pit which you can view from the vintage dining room that looks much as it did decades ago.

Saucemans BBQ and Grill

BBQ is a noun, not a verb. It is something you eat, not something you do. With that being said, try the ribs. Please eat ribs responsibly.

Price's Chicken Coop,Charlotte NC

No checks, credit or debit cards. Bring cash if you want to have some of the best fried chicken this side of the rockies.

Jo Jo having a great time

Penguin Drive - In since 1954

As seen on the food network's Diners, Drive - ins, and Dives and the travel channel's Man vs Food. This most ionic restaurant in Charlotte, and one of the best burger's in the nation by Gourmet Magazine, I had to have a burger. The King Penguin ( pimento cheese burger ) with fried pickles, lettuce and mayo was a good choice.

Friendly folks, moist and smoky cue ( shoulder meat ), make this a worthwile trek to Concord NC

North Carolinians, know that real bbq is slow cooked pork, either chopped ( the descendant of traditional pulled pork ) or sliced. And that's about they agree on. Eastern NC BBQ often features the whole hog and a vinegar- based,peppery sauce. Western NC, or Lexington style usually uses pork shoulder with a sauce that adds a tomato base to the vinegar sauce.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Bubba's Barbecue Eastern North Carolina Style.

Did you know that Bubba stands for boy's un - afflicted by briefcases or attaches ( really )

Barbecue competition tour 2013

Here I am with Mr. Ralph Bubba Miller, owner and founder of Bubba's BBQ in Huntersville NC. Mr. Miller told me that he left the banking industry 27 years ago to start Bubba's. When Ralph found I was a Yankee, he teased for over an hour. The first item of discussion was the Grit Tree , ( Gritivus Maxiimus ) , commonly found on grit plantations in the south. After that bit of folk lore, I knew what to expect from this living ledgend. Bubba's secret, as told to me, is his Eastern NC BBQ symphony of flavor. We start with the choicest grade of pork and slow cook it for over 18 hours with hickory wood. I thought his adult menu is fantastic, for the children's menu,Bubba was raised where meals for kids come in two choices: take it or leave it.